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Royal Hotel is a cozy take on a traditional and historic hotel bar bistro. Located in the heart of Hill End, we make sure that if you’re looking for a day of fun and entertainment, we’re the only place you will want to be! From the music to the delicious list of drinks, our incredible staff proudly craft a unique experience for our guests. Whether you’re on a weekend out or just trying to quench your thirst, you’re always welcome!

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Our Heritage


Hill End was originally a part of the Tambaroora area (the town of Tambaroora was a few kilometres to the north). In the 1850s the area was known as Bald Hills. In 1860 it was named as a village, first as Forbes, then in 1862 the name changed to Hill End. Newspaper advertisements given Hill End notoriety were along the lines of:

  • A claim for the most amount of Gold picked up in a short amount of time over a short distance "Nuggety Gully"

  • A claim for the richest quarter mile, being "The Rose of England Line" Hawkins Hill, Hill End

  • The record for the most amount of Gold extracted from the least amount of Quartz. Two tons Quartz crushed in 1872 at the Vickery Stamper battery from Praxton Mine. The official recorded yield was 4200 ounces of gold.

Hill End grew out of the New South Wales gold rush of the 1850s. At its peak in the early 1870s the population was estimated at 8,000. There were two newspapers, five banks, eight churches and twenty-eight pubs. Despite the wealth of hotels (also serving as pubs) in the town it was supposedly difficult to find a room. 

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